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A Letter from the President

It’s Not About the Name…

Born from the vision started by Randy Houston and Purple Heart Anglers nearly 15 years ago, Recreation 4 Veterans (Rec4Vets) is taking the torch and proudly carrying it forward.  Made up of former PHA Board members, volunteers, and participants, Rec4Vets was the natural next step when PHA could no longer continue in Randy’s absence.  Our dedication to the established mission dictated the obvious path of establishing Recreation 4 Vets to fill the void left behind.

As we move forward with this new organization, we are not only picking up where the previous organization left off, but we are expanding our reach and looking at ways to offer more to Veterans. And to kick things off we will be returning to Ketchikan Alaska in September with 10 Veterans, for the annual “Trip of a Lifetime” fishing trip.  While we work to continue the mission, we are also opening access to ALL Veterans.  Our main focus will remain fishing and hunting events with accessibility for our Veterans, but we will be looking at other recreational activities that will offer the same level of outdoor experience and camaraderie we have always provided at little or no cost to participants.  As such, we will also be looking more towards sponsorships and other funding opportunities that are necessary to provide these experiences.  And as always, we remain an all-volunteer organization.

Despite the experiences gained from PHA, we are still essentially starting from the ground up.  We have maintained our list of volunteers and many community connections that have allowed us to be successful, but not much more.  As we re-establish our footprint within the community, we are relying heavily on everyone’s support, from fundraising to email lists, to volunteering to feedback and spreading the word about our organization.  Our digital footprint is changing with a new website, new social media, new email addresses, etc.

As we embark on this journey, we are looking forward to sharing it with all of you and seeing many of you at our upcoming events.

Darren Butler


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